Investment passport of the Republic of Tyva (English Version)

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Pleased to welcome all those interested in Tyva — the youngest and most promising investment region of Russia. The Republic has a rich natural resource base for the development of a diversified economy. In its interior there is almost the whole Mendeleyev’s periodic table — deposits of nonferrous, rare and precious metals, non-metallic minerals for the construction industry, fresh and mineral waters, etc. Moreover, many of the natural resources have been explored and proven reserves for industrial development.

Long time the capacity of Tuva owing to various reasons remained a little demanded. Today the picture promptly changes. The republic takes leading positions on a number of indicators in a rating of Siberian federal district — to attraction of foreign investments per capita, to an index of industrial production, mining, speed of construction of housing, a turn of retail trade. These facts better than any words say that Tuva became safe and comfortable for business, an investment of the capitals.

In the republic the state standards are accepted and work which are accurately regulating the relations of authorities and business, excluding the corruption, any official arbitrariness and bureaucratic restrictions work.

We pursue policy of acceleration of development of economy of the Republic of Tuva at the expense of territories of advancing economic development. Zones of advancing development — production clusters, science and technology parks, agro parks, that is such economic division into districts where investments will pay off most intensively. Already today for investors special preferences on federal and regional taxes are provided. The government of the republic develops options of non-financial privileges for investors.

Besides, today Tuva is very close to elimination of a key obstacle in a way of investments — absence of favorable to business and all economy of the region of transport infrastructure. In 2015 the construction of the railroad, which will connect Tuva with the Trans-Siberian Railway, is beginning with support of the Government of Russia. This road which will have been constructed by 2018, the republic will have one more exit to the Russian business on quickly growing markets of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The Tuva railway project is already at a stage of construction and promises to become a kernel round which can materialize the wildest ambitions of many entrepreneurs.

I hope that the picture of the changes which are taking place and coming, will promise investors as a good message for serious decisions. Yes, Tyva despite progress of the last years, in comparison with other regions of Russia still seems the low-mastered region. But today, in the conditions of the accruing competition for development resources, it seems to me that it is rather an advantage, not a weakness of the republic for the competent investor.

Head of the Republic of Tuva

Sholban Kara-ool

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